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The VIP Experiences

VIP Kids Concierge can organize some “VIP Kids Concierge Experiences” (special theme events) for your kids for a couple of hours or with a half-day or full-day option. All our custom VIP Kids Concierge Experiences will be according to the age and interests of your children.

Here are a few of our favorite Experiences:

  • Treasure Hunt: When the island of St Barthelemy turns into an obstacle course game with custom enigmas for your little VIPs: Fun and entertainment are guaranteed!
  • Playground at The Beach: A personalized area at the beach with games and activities for your little VIPs! This space will be decorated according to a theme. It will be complemented by beach games and either hands-on and creative activities or activities with our kids’ friendly partner: the real sand castle building and sculptures of your choice.
  • Aquatic Activities: Aquatic activities and water games with our partner. Ideal to have fun between siblings and / or friends in the pool of your Villa or at the beach: water polo, water basketball, aquatics bowls, the tunnel and frogs, aqua courses, etc.
  • Hiking: A day exploring the paths of St Barth with a guide and a nanny, or with the entire family. Hikes to discover local flora and fauna.
  • Astronomy: Come and share this experience with your family and us! Children have always been passionate about the stars, the moon and the planets. Make them happy by offering them this activity during their holidays in St Barth.
  • A Spa Day for Girl: All girls love to play “Spa”. To pamper themselves and be pampered at a spa are two of their favorite activities, so with this activity you will see how the VIP Kids Concierge will host a spa day for your little VIPs girls.
  • Cooking and Baking Classes: Your children will enjoy taking a class with their Nanny at home in your villa or yacht, and learning a few tricks, techniques, and French recipes: Homemade pasta bolognaise, homemade French baguette, French pastries, etc.

You are interested in our experiences?

Various options are available, including a 7-days package.
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