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Enjoy your wedding in Paradise!The perfect way for children to share in the joy of a wedding celebration!

For children attending weddings in Saint Barth, VIP Kids Concierge can help with the organization of activities, entertainment, and supervision, with flexible options to meet your specific needs.

VIP Kids Concierge can help you organize your wedding so that all kids who are invited will have just as much fun as the adults. They will enjoy fun and games, and events of their own, while their parents will enjoy every minute of your wedding reception.

Children present at your wedding will be accompanied by one or more of our qualified nannies, and follow a schedule of fun activities. A special place for kids will be put aside and adapted to the events of your wedding.

Your guests should take home unforgettable memories of your marriage. Whether you opt for a classic or out-of-the-ordinary reception, you should be able to entertain your guests without worrying about the kids they have brought along. We are here to help you!

We have several options for the kids at your wedding, from simple babysitting to Kids Concierge Member for the entire length of your stay in St Barth, as well as the VIP option. Choose the one that best suits you!

Simple babysitting for toddlers (under 3 years) :
Evening Rate (3 years and up) :
Complete Rate (3 years and up) :
Wedding Details for Kids :
Additional options :
Our events can also be based on a specialized theme of your choice :

Enjoy your big day without any stress!

VIP Complete Marriage :
Details about the special VIP Wedding Option :
 Additional options :
Our events can also be based on a specialized theme of your choice :

The perfect stress-free wedding! 

For all stays of 5 nights or more, our concierge service can be added on to the Wedding Option.

VIP Kids Concierge is a new and innovative concept for babysitting and family assistance during vacations. In order to create a custom-designed schedule for the adults and kids, VIP Kids Concierge offers a roster of activities that allow everyone to enjoy unforgettable moments throughout their entire stay, before, during, and after the big day of the wedding.

VIP Kids Concierge offers several options of childcare, with hands-on eco-creative activities, sports and games, in conjunction with our kid-friendly partners. This allows for a wide choice of activities on the island for little kids as well as older ones.

In a fun and creative way, the kids of your guests can be implicated in the realization of your wedding. They can participate in the preparations, for example, by decorating their play area at the reception.

Details about the wedding – Kids Concierge Option :
Your Kids Concierge option can also include the following services :

The number of nannies for your event will be determined in function of the number of children and the services requested.All options are flexible and à la Carte to best meet your needs.


Feel free to contact us for a personalized estimate.

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